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Fax broadcasting is a remarkable tool for corporate communication. Production costs are lower and response rates are higher than traditional mail programs.

UnixUSA is a customized, automated fax broadcasting system. It enables you to send documents by fax to thousands of destinations instantly for less money than traditional old way faxing.

UnixUSA provides interactive broadcast marketing solutions allowing businesses to send personalized emails and faxes, arrange online surveys, manage events, share special coupons and many more.

Whether you need to send 500 or 500,000 faxes, UnixUSA can broadcast your documents in a moment very cost effective and timely manner.

As a first time user, using UnixUSA's fax broadcasting service is the most easy fax broadcasting around the world. Just send your fax list (fax numbers) and your fax document (flier) by e-mail. Let them know in your email also what date and time would you like your order to be broadcasted.

After UnixUSA complete your order you will receive detailed fax broadcast report where you will be able to see all successful delivered and failed fax numbers along with their reason codes.

If you wish, UnixUSA staff can advise or re-package your materials to maximize clarity and visual impact.

And that's all you need to do. UnixUSA's fax broadcast team will do the rest!

By using UnixUSA fax broadcasting service, you can streamline the entire process, increase your productivity, and reduce costs for document printing and mailing. You will also receive broadcast summary reports so you can rest assured that all the intended recipients received the information at the specified time.

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Our mission

Less cost more profit

Fax broadcasting, also known as fax blasting, is an inexpensive, effective form of marketing. It only costs few cents per successfull page to send out a bulk fax, yet it can have a high return on investment.

Fax broadcasting is better than email broadcasting

Fax advertisements are hard-copy advertisements meaning unlike digital messages they stand out better. Even the receiver of a fax does not have an interest about your advertisement they get to see the full page unlike digital advertisement. They do not get to erase it without one look to the whole message

Fax Blasting

Fax blasting is a great way to send coupons, because subscribers get the coupon in their hands immediately without a need to print them out like in other form of coupon sending methods. There is no need to click on something or download the coupon. The customer can use the coupon right away.

Instant gratification

Faxing often considered as more secure than email is a trusted way to send important business documents.

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