Fax Broadcast

Fax Broadcasting is a smart decision because it is much more cheaper than traditional postal mailing and generates far greater impact. A word of warning, however: the pertinence of your message, the quality of your targeting and your mailing list are as much the keys to the success of your direct marketing operation as the type of media you use.

The aim is to combine the best possible direct marketing techniques with the advantages of facsimile communications, and to get the most from this type of communication tool.

Here are a few tips for conducting effective fax-based Marketing campaigns:

  1. The quality of the mailing list: a crucial element.
  2. Selecting a pertinent and attractive message.
  3. Choosing the "right moment" to send your faxes.
  4. Getting underway: the technical means to send your faxes to hundreds and thousands or even millions of addresses.
  5. Monitoring your operation in a serious and in depth way.

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