Fax Advertising

Advertising is a complex business.

New ideas and media are being devised all the time, and as the advertising industry switches emphasis, so available methods will become more, or less cost-effective.

Fax broadcasting is one of the major advertising methods which is effective, cheap, fast, easy to do, easy to test, and can be done in minimum time. Major consumer brands are using it instead of TV advertising or mail advertising.

Fax broadcasting (bulk faxing) remains as popular as ever. With fax broadcasting businesses can get in touch with thousands of potential customers with the price per contact being one of the lowest in direct marketing. There is no other ways that businesses make direct contact with a potential customers for as little as 3c per page.

With direct mail costing upwards of 35c per letter (with no guarantee of delivery) and email broadcasts often being rejected by spam filters the argument in favour of fax broadcasting is compelling. This is especially so when taking into account that with UnixUSA fax broadcasting you pay only for successful deliveries. For this reason many businesses are opting for fax broadcasting.

Fax broadcasting remains one of the best means of communicating with a wide range of companies in the shortest time. Your message can be prepared one day, and delivered to over 500,000 companies within 1 hour at a fraction of the cost of sending mail which usually takes days to arrive, leaving aside that which goes missing en route. Sent as email, if your message does get past the spam filters, the recipient, as likely as not, will delete without even bothering to open - so you have two major hurdles to pass before your email gets opened.

With a fax broadcast you will have some idea within an hour or two of despatch whether your broadcast is going to generate the responses that you wanted. If it is not producing the desired response you can look at changing the headline or body copy before sending another batch.

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