A pertinent and attractive message.

Your offer should be as attractive as possible, and your message should create interest.

The fax broadcast you are going to send will no doubt have a specific objective. This could be to sell a product (promotional marketing campaign), to provide information about a company, a brand or a service, to invite people to an event you are organising, or to send out a postal questionnaire in fax format.

Corporate messages intended at conveying an image, care should be taken to create a layout where the message is as easy to read as possible, where the written part is relatively short and hard-hitting, while remaining serious. Margins are important too, since they give the text space and improve readability.

If you are sending a promotional fax, readability is less important than the need to attract the reader's attention using the traditional array of eye-catching devices used in paper promotional campaigns.

Avoid using graphics and pastel-coloured logos: they print very badly in black and white fax format, which can have a negative effect. Furthermore, these faxes take longer to send, which means higher communications costs for you.

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