Fax Broadcasting

Cheaper than normal mail marketing techniques, fax broadcasting is a great alternative to traditional postal mailing.

Fax broadcasting is simply faxing one or many pages of a document to many recipients at the same time. Types of documents that are sent to large audiences are announcements, press releases, invoices and price updates. Businesses routinely fax broadcast conference and workshop registration reminders.

Surveys are a simple, effective way to gather information from customers, workers, whoever you would like. By preparing your own survey questionnaire, you can have a better idea and analyze everything from a product's performance to employee feedback.

With UnixUSA's fax broadcasting service making customized surveys are easier than ever. All you need to do is make your questionnaire and we will do the rest. With fax broadcasting there are a couple of factors that are key. These factors include the cost, quality of the mailing list, your company's message, and the time that the fax is send.

One advantage of using a service to send broadcast faxes is that the company's fax machine is not tied up during the transmission of the broadcast fax. By using an Internet service, a company does not need to have special computer equipment, fax boards or servers, special software, or multiple phone lines. When using a broadcast fax service, the user only emails a list of fax numbers, along with the fax document and specifies a time to launch the fax broadcast. Fax broadcast job will be executed at the specified time and it will be completed quickly depending on how many numbers are getting broadcasted. At the end user will receive a detailed broadcast report.

There are hundreds of competitors that offer fax broadcasting services. What makes UnixUSA stand out from among them is our price and you will get assigned personal specialist that we will help you from start to end even after your broadcast is completed. Since our company is using Fax over Ip simply FOIP on DS3 technology and we are connected with major telecom companies, we are able to offer these low rates and these low prices are not just for bulk or large number of faxes, but for any package.

If you are looking for a fast and easy fax broadcasting solution, our state of the art system can make it possible even cheaper than you thought.

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