Mail Merge

UnixUSA Fax Merge is a highly productive method of delivering documents or reports to your existing clients realtime via fax.

What is Fax Merge (Mail Merge to Fax)?

When your contact list contains several columns like Company, Contact, Address, Phone Number, Fax Number you may personalize each fax to each recipient. To do that, start your flier with To [Contact] at [Company], etc.

Our system will take the "contact" from your fax list and will fill it on your flier in [contact] part then it will take "company" from your fax list and will fill it on your flier in [company] part.

Each recipient will recive your fax with their name and informations.

You can merge anything with fax, you imagine we will do it. Personalized invoices, invitations, reminders, etc...

UnixUSA Fax Merge is also very useful for applications that generate custom reports in which each may be radically different for each recipients.

How Does Fax Broadcasting Mail Merge Works?

Fax broadcasing mail merge work flow

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