How to Place an Order?

1 ) Click on SERVICE-ORDER form, Open and Print it. 2 ) Fill the form with your address and billing informations. 3 ) Fax it back to us. 4 ) Attach your fax numbers (txt or excel) and your flier (pdf or word) and email them to our 24/7 Support Team, 5 ) In your email let us know about date and time that you would like us to start your broadcast.

Due to high volume broadcasting it is recommended to place your order a day in advance. One of our sales representatives will contact you to confirm your order.

We do not provide fax list

UnixUSA does not provide fax numbers but we can recommend couple of major list brokers, please contact us for more information. Contacts

Creating Successful Fax Broadcasting Campaigns:
Using Fax Broadcasting to generate dozen of leads, sales and appointments for your business More

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You launched your broadcast and would like to know what is More

Personilized Fax Broadcasting
UnixUSA Fax Merge is a highly productive method of delivering documents or reports to your existing clients realtime via fax. Personalizing your faxes enables you to generate and fax form letters, reports, invoices, reminders, accounting statements, etc. quickly. More