The quality of your mailing list: a crucial element

Check your mailing list and update the information.

Making sure that a mailing list is up to date and accurate requires constant attention. You may be fax broadcasting the right message, but if this does not reach the right telephone numbers or recipients, your operation will be a waste of time and effort.

  1. Check your mailing list and update the information.

  2. If you are renting your mailing list from a service provider, define your requirements in terms of content as clearly as possible with the company, and make sure that the list is targeted at the people you want to reach.

  3. Watch out for the "unwanted numbers" list: this is equivalent to a list of ex-directory telephone numbers. It contains the numbers of fax subscribers who do not want their number to be disclosed and wish to be protected from unwanted fax messages.

  4. Watch out for "telephone numbers": make sure that your list only contains fax numbers, and that no telephone numbers have been accidentally included.

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