Using Fax Broadcasting To Generate Dozens Of Leads And Appointments For Your Business

Fax broadcasting is one of the most underused Marketing Tools I come across.

Very few people appreciate the benefits of fax broadcasting. In fact most business owners shy away from using this marketing tool because of the negative feelings it can bring (or they assume it can bring!).

However, when it's done right - you'll surprise yourself at the results it generates.

Here are the secrets behind successful fax broadcasting...

  1. There are three successful formats for your fax broadcasting...
  2. Three column editorial style - this is characterised by a benefit written headline across the top of the fax and three columns of text. This is my preferred approach, mainly because you can cram more information in.
  3. Sales letter - use the principles of successful sales letter writing and apply it to your fax (no more than 2 pages though!).
  4. Hand written personalized look
  5. Your fax document has to grab the attention of your customer.
  6. Putting the word "free" on top of your document will make your fax broadcasting more attractive.
  7. You have only 3 seconds to take your customers attention.
  8. See what area generates more responses with low amount of fax numbers.
  9. If you get many responses then you can increase fax broadcast amount.
  10. Try different type of documents to see which flyer generates better leads.

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