Why fax broadcasting is still very popular?

Let's find an answer first about what is fax broadcasting also called bulk faxing: It is simply faxing one page document to many fax numbers.

Why do we need faxing to so many destinations? Because we want to update our future or current clients of what we sell or what service we offer.

In the past we were using our mail system, mail one letter to each client, which was very expensive. Today if you compare our postal rates you will find it is still very expensive. If you can afford it you will need to buy address and customer name so you can mail it appropriately. You need to pay for this service depending on how many names you buy.

Let's say you will get 1,000 names you will pay around $50. You will need to buy envelopes and print one page document, spent ink, and finally pay postal service which is 44 cent. You will end up paying around 90 cent for entire service just for one person that you will mail. 1,000 people will cost you around $90.

Please don't forget that some mails will return back to you so we estimate 70 % success delivery on this mail job. On fax broadcasting you will not pay for failed attempts.

So far we tried to show you what our postal system can deliver or do for you and at what cost.

Timing is important it will take 2 to 7 business days to deliver all your letters. In fax broadcasting it will take couple minutes.

We just tried to give you an idea if you use our postal system what you will get.

For more information about fax broadcast services please contact us.