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Fax Broadcasting

If you are looking for a fast and easy fax broadcasting solution, our state of the art system can make it possible even cheaper than you thought.

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Email Broadcasting

This is another broadcasting solution for your company. You can send unlimited emails with our system just in couple minutes.

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Email to Fax or Fax to Email

This solution was designed for customers who would like to send their emails to the fax machine. Also you can send your fax to your friends email.

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Voice Broadcasting Alternative way Of Broadcasting

Great alternative to our traditional fax broadcasting services, you can record your message and our systems will deliver it to your audience in a very short period of time.

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Fax Marketing and Voice Marketings are suitable for:
  • new product launches
  • clearance sales
  • newsletters
  • surveys
  • (customer and general) press releases
  • web site promotion

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    The cheapest and most effective way of marketing

    The cheapest and most effective way of marketing is Fax Broadcasting, Voice Broadcasting, Email and SMS Broadcasting. There are no investments in new hardware or software for fax, voice, email and sms broadcasting services.

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